Sorrento is situated in the gulf of  Naples. It is a very popular  town as there is something to do for everyone,  such as shopping, restaurants , art,  history and culture. The central point is Piazza Tasso, which is dedicated to Torquato Tasso.

From here opens the main road Corso Italia which is full of boutiques and bars. The Cathedral can also be found on the Corso Italia,  first built in the 11th century, then rebuilt in the 15th century Romanesque style, also known as “Cattedrale dei santi filippo e Giacomo”.

The poet Torquato Tasso was baptized here. We also have Museo Correale Terranova which dates back to 16th century. A small yet elegant museum containing Capodimonte, Bohemian crystals and Neapolitan paintings dating back to the 17th / 18th century.  

With Sorrento Maxi Tours we can take you to the neighbouring villages of Massalubrense, where we can admire Capri Island from Marina Lobra ,in this area, we can sample local olive oil and limoncello. 

Above Massalubrense we have the town of Sant’Agata,  here you can see a “Birds Eye View” of the two gulfs, “Salerno” and “Naples”.

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