World famous archaeological site of Pompei. Where all life was abruptly ended in 79ad from the eruption of Vesuvius.
Having booked your car and driver with Sorrento Maxi Tours, you will be arriving to Pompei in comfort, stress free, air conditioned and Mercedes. Not having to worry about train/ bus timetables or keeping up with groups. Plane your visit when you want so Pompei/ Ercolano can be easily visited in one day.


This was a seaside town where wealthier romans used to spend their holidays. Like nearby Pompei, Ercolano was engulfed by lava and mud and as a result, it has been a lot better preserved over the centuries, even the streets of ercolano display the high degrees of planning by the romans. Unlike Pompei, Ercolano is very compact and less crowded so it is easier to walk around to see the thermal spas and baths, gymnasium, mosaic atrium and house of Neptune.


Maybe you would like to visit the volcano which was responsabile for destruction of these cities. Max will accompany you to the “Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio”. Which is 1.281 metres high and is the only volcano of this type which it still active on the European continent. When visiting Pompei/ Ercolano a visit to vesuvio is not to be missed.

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Pompei /Ercolano

Ercolano /Vesuvio

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